About Our Campaign

We have two types of neighbours in life; one who live with or around us permanently and our temporary neighbours such as colleagues at work, classmates at school; playmates, team members, people share public places with us and our fellow passengers who travel with us on the same bus, train, tram, plane and ferry etc.

Millions of people including doctors, nurses, paramedics, army, police, volunteers, and the key workers put their lives at risk by serving us during the unprecedented times of the Covid-19. Many people lost their lives in saving our lives. A person among our permanent and temporary neighbours could be one of those or related to one of those who served us or humans like us tirelessly during the coronavirus. He/she could be someone whose loved one lost life in saving ours and others’ lives. He/she could be someone who lost a family member or friend to Covid-19.

This is a time to express gratitude to those who served us and console with those who lost their loved ones regardless of their race, colour, ethnic or national origins, and sexual orientation. We can defeat all types of discrimination, prejudice, harassment, assault and verbal, physical and racial abuse by showing love, care and respect to our permanent and temporary neighbours.

Let us practice loving each other by adopting and promoting behaviour of good neighbours

Behaviour of Good Neighbours


Love for the neighbours what they love for themselves.


Treat the neighbours kindly and politely.


Help the neighbours when they ask for help.


Support the neighbours in their best capacity.


Lend the neighbours things in their use if they need one.


Congratulate the neighbours if they meet with some good.


Show the neighbours concern if they are distressed.


Sympathise the neighbours if some calamity befalls them.


Look after the neighbours when they are ill.


Attend funerals of the neighbours when they die.


Share food with poor and helpless neighbours in their difficult times.


Accept invitation of the neighbours.


Offer the selling of land or property first to the neighbours.


Never harm the neighbours.


Never bully and hurt the neighbours with tongue or actions.


Never torture or injure the neighbours either verbally or physically.


Never put wrong blames on the neighbours or expose their faults.


Never intimidate and harass the neighbours.


Never take anything belongs to the neighbours without permission or without intending to return it.


Never cause any disturbance for the neighbours and put up with disturbance caused by them.


Never construct a building in a way that damages natural living of the neighbours.


Never peep into the neighbours’ houses with bad intention and do not ask much about their private lives and personal matters.


Never degrade the neighbours by boastfully displaying their richness, abilities, or accomplishments.


Never look down upon the presents of the neighbours regardless how smaller or cheaper they are.


Never close doors upon the neighbours to keep them deprived of their generosity and courtesy.